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       Associated Tobacco Company Limited is an independent tobacco company that operates in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Zambia, China and has Service Offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore. The Group has invested in qualified and experienced labor, including management and employees in all areas of operations, and offers a service of quality, flexibility, competitiveness and reliability for all clients. Associated Tobacco Company hasn't any filiation or investment with any other organization or private investor.

     The purpose of ATC partners is to continue investing, enhancing and increasing the Group's infrastructure in order to supply an ever-improving service to our clients.


   The tobacco industry is continuously changing. ATC has the commitment and the flexibility to adapt to the market changes.

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      Created in 1997, the company, which started its operations in the neighbor city of Venâncio Aires, has been transferred to the margin of road BR 471, at the Industrial District in Santa Cruz do Sul, where it has built a modern tobacco processing factory with 42 thousand square meters of constructed area.

      Located between Rio Pardo and Taquary Valley, ATC is situated at 150km from Porto Alegre City, the Capital of Rio Grande do Sul State.


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